Dawn Smith   Dawn Smith - President and Chair

Dawn is a part of ASRi because she sees the future is in transitioning our built environment into a deeply sustainable system. She believes that together with appropriate information and research we can transform our construction practices and lower the carbon emissions of our municipalities.

Dawn's email: dawn@asri.ca.
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  John Gower   John Gower - Vice-President

John has been designing homes for 20 years. His Courtenay-based firm, Gower Design Group, is increasingly responding to the 21st century challenges of climate change, resource depletion, and the end of cheap energy by promoting the creation of future-friendly, small footprint homes

These future-friendly homes are smaller than average, are healthy and beautiful, get their water from the rain and their energy from the earth sun and wind, and are built from locally sourced low embodied energy materials. Driving his commitment to sustainable design practice, John maintains his focus on the deepest questions of sustainable culture - asking how we can achieve a harmonious place in nature through the act of building and dwelling.

John's email: john@asri.ca
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  Steve Satow   Steve Satow - Secretary

When Steve began designing his own 'natural building' he soon realised that, like so many people before him, he would have to 'reinvent the wheel' in order to achieve planning permission. This gave rise to the desire to help create a resource of all the available knowledge of natural building methods that already exists. And to offer this knowledge to the building community so that future builders need not face the same challenges.

A former furniture-maker and helicopter pilot, Steve comes originally from England where 500 year old buildings made with completely natural materials are still quite common. He currently runs his own business - Energy Design - offering home energy consultation services.

Steve's email: steve@asri.ca
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  Natanya Pucci, P.Eng.   Natanya Pucci, P.Eng. - Treasurer

Natanya has a background in residential subdivision development. Her recent experiences with alternative homebuilding methods have shifted her direction towards a vision for more sustainable, natural and local development.

She is excited to see alternative and traditional building practices become more mainstream and believes that ancient and sustainable building, in conjunction with recent technologies and access to information, will introduce new, beautiful, and modern ways of construction, design, and lifestyle.

Natanya's email: natanya@asri.ca
      Graeme Verhulst - Director