The Development Center For Appropriate Technology (DCAT)

Founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization, DCAT draws on extensive experience in traditional and alternative building and development, providing strategic support for the shift to sustainable building practices.
  ecosense   Eco-Sense

Eco-Sense is a home, a lifestyle, a work ethic and a design for life created by Ann and Gord Baird.

Eco-Sense believes that a home and all its systems should mimic the beauty and function of the natural world. This approach creates safe and sustainable living solutions while not taking precious resources away from future generations.

And Eco-Sense is North America's FIRST code-approved seismically engineered load bearing insulated cob house featuring: solar PV and wind power, grid intertie, solar thermal heating, rainwater harvesting from a living roof, composting toilet, grey water re-use, and passive solar design.

Through their work at Eco-Sense Ann and Gord hope to challenge our culture's consumer desires and encourage people to make changes so they too can live a reasonable life.
    The Ecological Building Network

The Ecological Building Network (aka EBNet) was founded in 1999 by Bruce King, a practicing structural engineer in San Francisco. King first became interested in green building in the late 1970’s, and soon encountered real challenges in finding the information he needed to work with innovative and natural building materials.

With the help of Bruce's wife, Sarah Weller King, and a board of advisors, EBNet began the work of connecting the people developing information about how to design with alternative materials, how those materials perform, and how to work with them, with the people who were interested in putting that information to work (designers, builders, engineers and building officials).

A synopsis of a new book by Bruce King, to be titled 'Build Well' - Engineering of Alternative and Natural Building Materials and Systems can be downloaded from Bruce King's website at: Build Well.