The Strawbale ASR

The Straw Bale Alternative Solutions Resource. (PDF version)

A resource for designers, engineers, builders and building officials working with straw bale as a building material in British Columbia. The document contains detailed, comprehensive and peer-reviewed recommendations and supporting information to assist in applying for building permits involving the use of straw bales.

52 pages.

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  About the SB ASR.

Tim Krahn, Structural Engineer from Ontario wrote: "The NBEG [Natural Building Engineering Group -] was very approving of the document and are looking forward to how this will help the ONBC (formerly OSBBC) continue to develop their resources for Ontario."

Brian Cockburn, Mechanical Engineer from Victoria wrote: "From a designer's/engineer's point of view, this is precisely what I would want in a reference guide. It gives an excellent high-level survey of the state of knowledge on strawbale construction, and directs me where to look for specific information."

And Bruce King, Structural Engineer and SB author from California wrote: "Wow, VERY impressive!  Congratulations on a lot of hard work and a job well done!"